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Käthe Kollwitz: Images of a Life

Käthe Kollwitz (Jutta Wachowiak) is 47 years old and already a well-established artist in Germany and abroad when Peter, her youngest son, volunteers to join the German army in WWI and gets killed two weeks later. This painful tragedy changes Kollwitz’s life and art forever. She becomes a radical pacifist; in her art she reflects on her son and...

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The Light on the Gallows

In 1793, the French are at war with England. Two friends, Debuisson and Sasportas, are sent to Jamaica, the English colony where their mission is to free the slaves. Bit by bit they are able to recruit people for their operation. Meanwhile, Napoleon comes to power in France. Debuisson, the nephew of a Jamaican rum producer, fails in postponing the...