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Berlin Around the Corner

Berlin in the 1960s. Olaf (Dieter Mann) and Horst (Kaspar Eichel) are two young metalworkers, who provoke their older colleagues with critiques of the antiquated equipment and lack of materials... not to mention their love of leather jackets and motorbikes. Olaf and Horst begin to be targeted in the house newsletter, and the generational...

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The Porcupine: A Free Man

Eckehard Mucks takes his fiancée Inge out in a paddleboat, but then decides he would rather ride the motorboat tied up at the dock. The owner Viola agrees to take him across to the other side, and, feeling flattered, Eckehard tries to charm her as he cruises proudly past Inge, who is sitting in the paddle boat alone.   When the...