Filmmaker's Series

Angel Wagenstein Duo

at New York Jewish Film Festival

Sreenwriter and novelist Angel Wagenstein is the link between two films screening at the upcoming NY Jewish Film Festival, January 11-24, 2017.


Konrad Wolf’s classic, Stars (1959), is based on scriptwriter Wagenstein's personal experiences and historic events during the Holocaust in the Balkans. It will be shown in tandem with the world premiere of Andrea Simon’s new documentary, Angel Wagenstein: Art Is A Weapon (USA).


Simon's film weaves together intimate conversations with partisan hero, screenwriter and novelist Wagenstein, interviews with artistic collaborators and rare archival footage of Wagenstein’s seven decades in politics and culture, including his crucial role in Bulgaria's democratic reforms of 1989.


The screenings will take place on January 12 (1:00 pm) and January 22 (8:30 pm), 2017. See our calendar for the link to the NY Jewish Film Festival site!

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