Thematic Series

REEL WOMEN in East Germany

Premiere 2012
German Studies Association conference
Milwaukee WI


REEL WOMEN in East Germany is a collection of over sixty feature and documentary films that touch on the lives and work of women in the GDR.


Designed as an aid for programmers and teachers interested in these topics, it organizes these diverse films into thematic groupings for planning film series, classes and research on a range of topics.


The recommended categories (RC) below are meant as suggestions for pairing films or composing thematic series that touch on various aspects of East German women’s lives and filmmaking.


For a complete listing of films suggested for each category, please see our REEL Women in East Germany catalogue.



[1]       Bodies, Sex & Sports

[2]       Consumer Culture

[3]       Education

[4]       The Holocaust

[5]       Women & Justice

[6]       Literature

[7]       Love

[8]       Memory

[9]       War

[10]     Motherhood

[11]     The Postwar Period

[12]     Science Fiction & Fantasy

[13]     Travel

[14]     Women & the Wende

[15]     Work & Career

[16]     Politics

[17]     Women Artists

[18]     Youth & Emancipation

[19]     Female Directors

[20]     Stardom & Celebrity

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