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Rainer Simon’s US tour was made possible by the DEFA Film Library at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in cooperation with the hosting institutions. The Amherst film screenings were supported by the German Studies Department at Amherst College and the UMass Departments of Communications and Germanic Languages and Literatures and the Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies, as well as by the DEFA Foundation and Progress Film-Verleih in Berlin.

The Films of Rainer Simon

Premiere 2008
University of Massachusetts Amherst


Director Rainer Simon visited 24 colleges, universities, and cultural institutions in the United States and Canada from September to November 2008. His ten-week tour saw film screenings from Ontario to Dallas, and from Kansas City to Washington DC, as well as local events in Amherst, Massachusetts.


The Rainer Simon film series includes six feature films and three documentaries, many of which were newly subtitled for his tour in 2008. The broad range of topics addressed by Simon’s films provides unique opportunities for collaboration between German Studies, Latin American and Spanish Studies, Film Studies, History and Jewish Studies.


Suggested topics:


Life in East Germany:

  • Jadup and Boel


Looking at War & Postwar History:

  • The Airship
  • Jadup and Boel
  • The Woman and the Stranger


​German History: 

  • The Airship
  • Till Eulenspiegel
  • Wengler & Sons
  • The Woman and the Stranger


Literary Adaptations:

  • The Airship (Das Luftschiff, by Fritz Rudolf Fries)
  • Till Eulenspiegel (by Christa and Gerhard Wolf)
  • The Woman and the Stranger (Die Frau und der Fremde, by Leonhard Frank)


A German Director in Latin America:

  • The Call of Fayu Ujmi
  • Talking with Fish and Birds
  • The Colors of Tigua
  • The Ascent of Chimborazo

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