GSA Film Series


This year’s German Film Series is sponsored by the DEFA Film Library and the Goethe Institute Boston.

7th Annual GSA Film Series

Premiere 2010
German Studies Association conference
Oakland CA


A guest appearance by filmmaker Jörg Foth—serendipitously joined by theater artist and author Steffen Mensching—was the highlight of this year's GSA Film Series.


They discussed Latest from the Da-Da-R (1990), the film Foth adapted from the acclaimed East German "DaDaeR Cabaret" of Mensching and Hans-Eckardt Wenzel. “Da-Da-R” is a wordplay on the irreverent Dada art movement of the 1920s and the German acronym for East Germany—the DDR.


The first half of the evening—presented by Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen, director of the Goethe Institute Boston—premiered a pairing of films from the Made in West/East Germany program, a collaboration between the DEFA Film Library and the Goethe Institute Boston.


Audience members compared Alexander Kluge's Yesterday Girl (FRG, 1966) with Konrad Wolf's Divided Heaven (GDR, 1964), which both deal with the division of Germany through the eyes of young women struggling to determine their own lives in complicated times.

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