GSA Film Series


WENDE FLICKS: Last Films from East Germany is presented by the DEFA Film Library in collaboration with The Wende Museum. It was made possible by the generous support of the DEFA Foundation, the German Information Center, UCLA Library and the Consulate General of the FRG Los Angeles.

6th Annual GSA Film Series

Premiere 2009
German Studies Association conference
Washington DC


A guest appearance by director Andreas Dresen and selections from the WENDE FLICKS series, which premiered in Los Angeles in spring 2009, were highlights of the sixth annual German Film Series.


The evening opened with three very different films from the series: Helke Misselwitz' poetic Herzsprung (1992), about the difficulties facing a young woman in one of the "new" German states after unification; Leipzig in the Fall (1989), the gripping documentary made by Gerd Kroske and Andreas Voigt during the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig in fall 1989; and Latest from the Da-Da-R (1990), Jörg Foth's filmic rendition of the DaDaeR Cabaret of Menschin & Wenzel.


The evening culminated with a screening of Andreas Dresen's Silent Country (1992) and audience discussion with the director; Dresen's first feature film, Silent Country exhibits a light touch as it parallels the predicament of a provincial theater company in fall 1989 with the characters they portray in "Waiting for Godot."

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