The Geese of Buetzow

(Die Gänse von Bützow)

GDR, 1985, 95 min, B&W
In German; German subtitles
Set Design
Music (Score)
Themes & Genres:


A historical comedy set in the small village of Bützow in Mecklenburg in 1794.


Widow Hornborstel, the village's respected goose breeder, has been serving Mayor Hane lunch for seven years in the hopes of attracting a marriage proposal. When she finally makes her intentions known, the shocked mayor flees. In order to deter her dreams of marriage, the small town despot thinks up a goose decree, which forbids allowing the birds to roam about the village.


In response, Widow Hornborstel, aided by her long-time admirer Schoolmaster Albus, stirs up the villagers in a revolt against the mayor. Their cries of "Freedom for the geese!" – inspired by the French Revolution – soon attract the attention of the duke.

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