Jörg Ratgeb, Painter

(Jörg Ratgeb, Maler)

GDR, 1977, 99 min, Color
In German; English subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)
Themes & Genres:


This film, set in the early sixteenth century, thematizes the relationship between art and political responsibility. 


On the eve of the German Peasants' Revolt, painter Joerg Ratgeb is occupied by a crisis of his own: finding a model for a Christ figure. He sets off on a journey to consult with his artistic role model, Albrecht Dürer. Although Ratgeb has always tried to stay out of the political conflict, his journey brings him face-to-face with peasant revolutionaries and the brutality and violence of their daily lives. These experiences help Ratgeb mature as a painter, and he uses his art to give voice to what he now perceives as a just cause.


1978 Berlin International Film Festival


Press comments

“The established Babelsberg screenwriters [who worked on this film] were not interested in creating a biopic, but rather a parable that also had relevance for the present. [It’s] an action-packed movie for a wide audience! They were avowedly also influenced by spaghetti westerns.”   —Heinz Kersten, So viele Träume

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