The Seventh Year

(Das siebente Jahr)

GDR, 1968, 83 min, b&w
In German; no subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)


Shortly before her seventh wedding anniversary, a heart surgeon doubts her ability to keep up with the double burden of career and home. Although the couple lives a comfortable life, they are searching for a different kind of happiness in their marriage.


Dr. Barbara Heim (Jessy Rameik) and Günter Heim (Wolfgang Kieling), a well-known actor, are both dedicated to their demanding careers, putting a strain on their marriage and causing Barbara to plunge into a crisis shortly before their seventh wedding anniversary. When a child dies at the hospital, Barbara begins to question her career choices and worries that Gunter compares her to other women. Her friends and co-workers help her recognize that her responsibility and passion at work are part of what makes her such a valuable person and this gives her the strength to fight for her personal happiness.


This complex portrait of a female character involves an excursion into her meaningful, demanding and conflict-laden life which revolves around the best possible compromise between career and the family, their demands and her capacity to fulfil them.

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