Hidden Films: A Journey from Exile to Memory

(Peliculas Escondidas: Un viaje entre el exilio y la memoria)

Germany, 2016, 77 min, Color
In Spanish; English subtitles


German Studies scholar Claudia Sandberg and filmmaker Alejandro Areal Vélez worked together to make this documentary that explores film-historical relations between Chile and East Germany.


In the 1970s and 1980s, DEFA made shorts, animations, documentaries and feature films, as Chilean artists and intellectuals fleeing the Pinochet dictatorship settled in the GDR. These films amount to an audio-visual chronology of the social and political situation in Chile, from the beginnings of the regime until well into the 1980s. 


Today, this film material is part of the audio-visual documentation of the coup d’état that helps to spread knowledge, to imagine and reconstruct events and to record experiences of the time. The directors interview Chilean artists who lived in German exile during the Pinochet years and worked on DEFA film projects. Screenings with audiences in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Germany reveal that the films evoke different associations and memories for audiences in each of these national contexts and histories. 


If you would be interested in showing this film, please contact Claudia Sandberg (Univ. of Melbourne): claudia.sandberg@unimelb.edu.au or claudia.sandberg@yahoo.com.


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