Beauty & Decay

(Schönheit & Vergänglichkeit)

Germany, 2019, 79 min, color
In German; English subtitles


The story of three artists with a shared youth in the rebellious and creative East German youth scene. Their careers have been marked by their unorthodox and multifaceted view of the world, as well as radicalism and openness.


Before the fall of the Wall, photographer Sven Marquardt made black-and-white portraits of people in East Berlin’s arts subculture, of which he was also part. He has now returned to photography and is once again working with Dominique Hollenstein, one of his favorite models, known as Dome. They also talk with Robert Paris, the ‘pretty’ punk, who was one of Marquardt’s models and himself a photographer.


Paris’s 1980s photos of East Berlin wastelands and facades recall the radical transformation the city has undergone in the interim. But, as they revive the past in their recollections, it's clear that the lives of these former rebels still reflect their idiosyncrasies and creativity.


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