Love's Confusion

(Verwirrung der Liebe)

GDR, 1959, 76 min, Color
In German; no subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)
Themes & Genres:


This film tells the story of two couples who believe their futures are all figured out: the students Sonja and Dieter and the office worker Siegi and her mason boyfriend Edy. But when the young people attend a masked Carnival party, Dieter meets and is attracted to the cheerful and light-hearted Siegi. While the new couple take a vacation at the beach, Sonja takes a liking to Edy. She uses this opportunity to test her feelings for Dieter and to decide whether to give into temptation. However, it remains to be seen at the registry office whether the new constellation is in fact the right one.  Amusing romantic entanglements with a happy ending.


Slatan Dudow’s best-known and last completed film, a big-budget production featuring Angelica Domröse (of later The Legend of Paul and Paula fame), Annekatrin Bürger and Willi Schrade.  The film ran into trouble with official socialist morality due to its frank depiction of sex (including nude bathing scenes) and portrayal of consumerism, along with a very stylized version of comedy.

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