Auguste the Christmas Goose

(Die Weihnachtsgans Auguste)

GDR, 1984, 23 min, color
In German; no subtitles
Music (Score)


The opera singer Luitpold Löwenhaupt buys a goose to roast for Christmas dinner— a month early, in November! His children have other plans for the goose, whom they name Auguste or "Gustje"; they want to keep Gustje as a pet and playmate. Problems inevitably ensue: the parents think Gustje should sleep in the basement, but the children bring Gustje up to their rooms. Little Peter becomes especially attached to the goose, and he shares his bed with it. Although their mother tries to persuade Luitpold to let the children keep their pet, he is determined to have his Christmas goose dinner. 

Grandmother is firm:  if Luitpold wants goose for dinner, he has to slaughter Gustje himself. Try as he might, he just can't do it. Luitpold tries once, twice—and seems to succeed. But in the end, Gustje is welcomed into the family, and shares Christmas Eve with the Löwenhaupts. Based on Friedrich Wolf’s story of the same title.

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