Chronicle of Film 1978

(Filmchronik 1978)

GDR, 1978, 143 min, color
In German; no subtitles


This DVD compilation chronicles the year 1978 through film.


The feature film selection, Seven Freckles (dir. Hermann Zschoche), looks at youthful romance and youthful self-expression in the face of social limits and social morals as they are upheld by adults.


The feature film is paired with a 12-month selection of Der Augenzeuge (Eyewitness) weekly newsreel videos, which attended to the experiences of everyday life in the GDR. The selected videos showcase diverse topics ranging from the Guards Regiment of the East German National People’s Army to an international dance competition. Footage of events beyond the GDR's borders includes highlights of an international presence, including Fasching, the World Cup, the International Childrens’ Day, Sigmund Jähn’s flight into space, and the International Festival in Havanna.


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