The Falcon's Trail

(Spur des Falken)

GDR, 1968, 113 min, Color
In German; no subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)
Themes & Genres:


When gold is discovered in the Black Hills in the late 19th century, gold diggers and adventurers break the treaty that allocated the Hills to the Dakota Indians. Bludgeon, an indurate and brutal land speculator, uses extreme methods, such as slaughtering herds of buffalo, to force the Indians off the land. The Dakotas retaliate by attacking a Union Pacific train, which in turn prompts Bludgeon to turn his brutal methods directly on the tribe, leading a massacre of the Indian village.


Chief Farsighted Falcon and his warriors engage in a bloody battle with the gold diggers’ town, but when an advancing cavalry intervenes for the white settlers, Farsighted Falcon must face Bludgeon in single combat to save his tribe. 


The story of Farsighted Falcon continues in the sequel Weiße Wölfe.

Press comments

“The film’s success is perhaps in no small part due to the cast.”

—Nick Hodgin, Directory of World Cinema, Germany 2

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