Lot's Wife

(Lots Weib)

GDR, 1965, 106 min, B&W
In German; no subtitles
Set Design
Costume Design
Music (Score)


The marriage of Katrin and Richard Lot has become a routine. She has a career and he, as a Marine officer, comes home only once every fourteen days. The children greet him with joy, but she greets him only with anxiety because their marriage is missing its key ingredient: love. She wants a divorce, but he refuses mainly out of comfort as well as due to pressure from the party.


Katrin finds a strange solution: she shoplifts and is put on probation for three months. This is enough to force Richard into a divorce because he is concerned about the "moral liability" of his wife. Katrin gets her way and is promised custody of her children. Because of her thievery, she can no longer be a teacher, but at least she doesn't need to live a lie anymore.

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