The Fall of the Wall: Path to German Reunification 2

(Chronik der Wende 2)

Germany, 1994, 90 min, color
In German; English subtitles


The dramatic events of the East German fall of 1989 are depicted using East and West German television news coverage, Stasi documents, amateur videos and private photos never before released in North America. 


Part 2: The critical days of November and December 1989


From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the conclusion of the 1989 Monday Demonstrations. November 4, 1989: Mass demonstration at Berlin's Alexanderplatz; half a million demonstrators create a security partnership with the People's Army. November 9, 1989: Interviews of the civil rights leader Baerbel Bohley for the East German press; unintentional public announcement by Guenter Schabowski (member of the SED Politbuero) that the borders of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) are opened; the people of Berlin congregate jointly at all border crossings. November 10, 1989: Huge lines of people trying to get into West Germany and flooding West Berlin; almost no GDR citizens show up for work. November 13, 1989: Election of new Parliamentary President (Dr. Guenther Maleuda); Government of Willi Stoph takes responsibility for the crisis. December 2, 1989: Dispute over the call for a general strike by the New Forum (Karl-Marx-Stadt); increase of anti-Semitism and right-wing radicalism. December 18, 1989: The Western conservative parties and the East CDU work together; Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Dresden; unions demand the right to strike; conclusion of 1989 Monday Demonstrations in Leipzig.


NOTE: This film is currently only available as part of our non-circulating research collection.


Honored with the top German TV award, the Adolf Grimme Prize in Gold, 1995.


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