Namibia – Return to a New Country

(Namibia – Rückkehr in ein neues Land)

Germany, 1997, 85 min, color
In German; English subtitles
Music (Performance)


The young people interviewed in this film reflect on the experience of the almost 500 Namibians who spent their childhood in East Germany. Returned to newly liberated Namibia in the year of German unification in 1990, they discuss their sense of identity and the difficulties they face fitting into society.


Starting in 1979, nearly 2,000 children were evacuated from Namibia (and refugee camps in neighboring Angola and Zambia) to protect them from the violence of South African efforts to thwart the liberation movement. Allied with the socialist SWAPO movement, the GDR accepted almost 500 children for their “protection, education, and socialist training.” In 1990, they were suddenly returned—after Namibia's independence and first all-race elections, which took place the same week as the Berlin Wall opened.


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