Bauer, Hans-Uwe


Hans-Uwe Bauer was born in Stralsund, East Germany, on August 26, 1955. After training as a stage carpenter at the Staatsoper Berlin from 1978 to 1982, he studied acting at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Potsdam-Babelsberg (now Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf). His first engagements as an actor were at theaters in Görlitz, Greifswald, Potsdam, as well as in Berlin, where he appeared in plays at the Berliner Ensemble, Volksbühne, and Maxim Gorki Theater.


Bauer had his debut as a film actor in 1978 in P.S., Roland Gräf’s film about young people facing challenges in life. A few years later, Gräf cast Bauer in Fariaho…!, about a man haunted by his WWII experiences. In the following years, Bauer appeared in various supporting roles in DEFA film productions. Bauer’s performance as Private Fenske in Der Aufenthalt, Frank Beyer’s film set in a Polish prison right after WWII, is one of his unforgettable roles. He also appeared in three award-winning movies directed by Rainer Simon: as a student defending the barricades in Das Luftschiff, set during the Spanish Civil War and WWII; as a confused soldier in Die Frau und der Fremde (Golden Bear, 1985 Berlin International Film Festival); and as the German explorer and scientist Georg Forster, in Simon’s biographical movie about Alexander von Humboldt, Die Besteigung des Chimborazo.


Since German unification in 1990, Bauer has appeared in many cinema and television productions. In addition to films made by young (East) German directors, such as Silent Country and Burning Life, he appeared in the hits Sonnenallee , Good Bye Lenin! and the Oscar-winning Das Leben der Anderen, all set in former East Germany. In the last of these, a Stasi drama by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck set in East Berlin, Bauer plays the role of Paul Hauser, a dissident journalist under surveillance. Bauer has been a member of the Tatort TV ensemble since the late 1990s,  and is now widely known to German audiences; in 2016, he appeared in the 1000th installment of the successful public television crime series—Taxi nach Leipzig (Taxi to Leipzig).


Most recently, Bauer appears in von Donnersmarck’s latest movie, Werk ohne Autor, a psychological thriller about an artist who finds a new creative voice following his experiences under Nazi and East German rule. He also played the German philosopher and political writer Arnold Ruge, in the international coproduction Der junge Karl Marx, by Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro), which screened at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival. Hans-Uwe Bauer lives in Berlin.


2017 Werk ohne Autor (Work without an Artist)
2017 Der junge Karl Marx (The Young Karl Marx)
2016 Fanny und die gestohlene Frau (Fanny and the Stolen Woman, TV)
2014 Mann ohne Schatten (Man without a Shadow, TV)
2012 Der Turm (The Tower, TV)
2011 Westwind (Wind from the West)
2010 3
2010 Boxhagener Platz (Boxhagen Square)
2009 Meine schöne Nachbarin (My Beautiful Neighbor)
2008 Eine Nacht im Grand Hotel (A Night at the Grand Hotel, TV)
2007 Eine gute Mutter (A Good Mother, TV)
2007 Der blinde Fleck (The Blind Spot)
2006 Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)
2006 Die Frau des Heimkehrers (The Wife of the Returnee, TV)
2005 Die Leibwächterin (The Bodyguard, TV)
2004 Das Konto (The Account, TV)
2003 Good Bye Lenin!
2001 So weit die Füsse tragen (As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me)
1999 Sonnenallee (Sun Alley)
1997-2017 Tatort (Crime Scene, TV series)
1995 Der Kontrolleur (The Border Guard)
1994 Burning Life
1992 Stilles Land (Silent Country)
1990 Versteckte Fallen (Hidden Traps)
1988 Die Besteigung des Chimborazo (The Ascent of Chimborazo)
1987 Dschungelzeit (Time in the Jungle)
1984 Die Frau und der Fremde (The Woman and the Stranger)
1983 Fariaho…!
1982 Der Aufenthalt (Held for Questioning)
1982 Das Luftschiff (The Airship)
1981 Dein unbekannter Bruder (Your Unknown Brother)
1981 Alexander der Kleine (Little Alexander)
1978 P.S.


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