di Roes, Tohm


Thomas Roesler, whose artist’s name is Tohm di Roes, was born in Gera in 1960. He earned his living as a casual laborer, musician, and writer. He became known for his language plays, creations, and visual effects – “Dada excesses” – which he used in written and performed texts and poems. Most of his works were published in East German underground publications, like the Poe sie all bum edition, which was produced and published in Dresden and later in Berlin, between 1980 and 1984. Many artists, like the painter Hartwig Ebersbach, have said they were inspired by di Roes’ texts. In 1984, di Roes founded the rock-jazz-dance improvisation group Klick & Aus. Tohm di Roes has lived in West Berlin since 1986. 


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