Leiberg, Helge


Helge Leiberg has been one of the leading figures of German contemporary painting for the past 15 years and easily navigates between the fine and applied arts. Born in Dresden in 1954, Leiberg studied with Gerhard Kettner at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden from 1973 to 1978. Leiberg’s work concentrates on the interaction between painting, free jazz and new music, language, film, and dance. He has collaborated with painter A.R. Penck, dancer Fine Kwiatkowski, and guitarist Lothar Fiedler, among others. Leiberg played with the free jazz band O.T. and later with FACTORY 4, and introduced his Super-8 films into these concerts as well. He left East Germany for West Berlin in 1984. With his multimedia group GOKAN, founded in 1990, he has explored his new concept of “noise painting.” Since 1993, Helge Leiberg has had exhibitions in various prominent galleries and museums worldwide and his paintings can be found in over 30 prestigious museums. He lives and works in Berlin.


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