Dammbeck, Lutz


Painter, filmmaker, author and media artist Lutz Dammbeck was born in Leipzig in 1948. He studied at the Academy for Graphic Art and Book Design there from 1967 to 1972. While a student he started working with animation and proposed ideas for films to the state-run East German DEFA Studio for Animation Film. 


It was not until 1975, however, that he produced Der Mond (The Moon), his first animated film. He directed five more shorts for DEFA as a freelance artist. Parallel, he worked on his own projects in super-8mm, including Metamorphosen (Metamorphoses, 1978-79) and Hommage à La Sarraz (1981; Camera, Thomas Plenert). From 1984 to 1988, he produced media collages combining film, dance, painting, music and acting elements, working with dancer Fine Kwiatkowski, among other artists.


In 1986, Dammbeck left East Germany and moved to Hamburg, in West Germany, where he founded his own film production company in 1990. Herakles Höhle (The Cave of Hercules, 1983/1990), a project that was rejected by the DEFA Studio in 1983, was his first self-produced film. Since 1991, he has worked on various sequences and variations on his Hercules project focusing on the topics of art, power and science.


In 2004, Dammbeck premiered his documentary about the creation of the internet, Das Netz (The Net), for which he received the European Media Art Festival Award. A 2010 retrospective entitled Lutz Dammbeck. Re_Re-Education at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover, Germany, presented films he made between 1979 and 2003.


Since 2000, Dammbeck has been the head of the New Media project at the Academy for Visual Arts in Dresden. He shares his time between Dresden and Hamburg. The Academy for the Arts in Berlin hosts his archival film materials and documents.


2004 European Media Art Festival Award for Das Netz



2004 Das Netz (The Net)
1986/2008 REALFilm
1986 Die Flut (The Flood)
1984/93 Herzog Ernst (Duke Ernst)
1983/90 Herakles Höhle (The Cave of Hercules)
1983 Die Entdeckung (The Discovery)
1982 Das Luftschiff (The Airship, non-camera animation)
1981 Hommage à La Sarraz (Homage to La Sarraz)
1981 Einmart
1979 Der Schneider von Ulm (The Tailor of Ulm)
1978-79 Metamorphosen I (Metamorphoses I)
1978 Lebe! (Live!)
1975 Der Mond (The Moon)

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