Mondi, Bruno


Bruno Mondi was born in Schwetz, Germany (now Swiecie, Poland) on September 30, 1903. After an apprenticeship with Deutsche Bioscop, he studied at the School of Photography in Berlin. Mondi’s first cinema work was as an assistant cameraman, including on Fritz Lang’s silent film Der müde Tod. In the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s, he mainly worked on entertainment and revue films with directors such as Richard Eichberg, Jaap Speyer and Erich Schönfelder. The 1935 production Krach im Hinterhaus was the start of Mondi’s longtime collaboration with director Veit Harlan. Together they created the key Nazi anti-Semitic film, Jud Süß, and the Nazi propaganda film Kolberg.


After WWII, Mondi joined the DEFA film studio. His premiere at the newly-founded studio was the 1947 Büchner adaptation Wozzeck. His use of point-of-view shots helped make this movie into one of the most important works of early postwar cinema. Mondi also worked on DEFA films with Erich Engel (Der Biberpelz) and Paul Verhoeven (Das kalte Herz), two directors he had already worked with during the Nazi era. In the 1950s, he mainly filmed entertainment movies in West Germany and Austria, including the Sissi trilogy (dir. Ernst Marischka), featuring actress Romy Schneider. Critics called Mondi, the cinematographer of over 100 films, “the master of light” and “pioneer of Agfa color films.” He died on July 18, 1991 in Berlin.



1964 Wartezimmer zum Jenseits (Mark of the Tortoise)
1958 Der Greifer (The Copper)
1957 Sissi – Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin (Sissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress)
1956 Sissi – Die junge Kaiserin (Sissi: The Young Empress)
1955 Sissi
1950 Das kalte Herz (The Cold Heart)
1949 Der Biberpelz (The Beaver Coat)
1949 Rotation
1948 Und wieder 48 (Once Again, 1948)
1947 Wozzeck
1945 Kolberg
1942 Der große König (The Great King)
1940 Jud Süß (Jew Süss)
1939 Reise nach Tilsit (Trip to Tilsit)
1938 Es leuchten die Sterne (The Stars Shine)
1937 Die Fledermaus
1935 Krach im Hinterhaus (Trouble Backstairs)
1932 Salon Dora Green
1927 Die tolle Lola (Fabulous Lola)
1921 Der müde Tod (Destiny)


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