SCMS 2016 Atlanta
2016, Goethe Zentrum Atlanta

In the GDR social satire When You're Older, Dear Adam, a boy finds a flashlight that makes people float when they lie. Goethe Zentrum Atlanta hosted this DVD premiere during the 2016 SCMS conference.

Angel Wagenstein Duo
2017, New York Jewish Film Festival

Screenwriter and novelist Angel Wagenstein is the link between two films screened at the NY Jewish Film Festival, Jan 11-24, 2017. 

21 Restored Films: Now on DCP
2016, DEFA Film Library, UMass Amherst

As efforts to restore classic DEFA films are in full swing at the DEFA Foundation in Berlin, our collection of restored titles on DCP is keeping up with the newest movie theater technology!

Germany 66: Cinema East / West
2016, Museum of Modern Art, New York

From April 5-16, 2016, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC screened films released in 1966 in both East and West Germany. Four DEFA films were part of this  series that compared different cinematic responses to national and international events and topics.


Flashback: DEFA Turns 70!
2016, DEFA Film Library, UMass Amherst

On May 17, 1946, the Soviet Military Administration in Germany granted a license to the DEFA (Deutsche Film-AG) Studio for the production of films. Only five months later the first DEFA film, The Murderers Are among Us (dir. Wolfgang Staudte), premiered in Berlin and won international recognition—the first German film made after WWII.


Gerd Kroske: Drawing a Line
2015, Amherst Cinema Center

On Dec. 13, 2015, director Gerd Kroske presented the US premiere of his film Drawing a Line at Amherst Cinema. 

2016, Museum of Modern Art, New York

The long-awaited restoration of Heiner Carow’s The Russians Are Coming (1968/87) was screened as part of the Musuem of Modern Art festival To Save and Project on November 3 and 7, 2016.

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