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Welcome to FILMBOX, our free Digital Teaching Archive on Vimeo that is perfect for teachers, students and programmers!


FILMBOX now includes 30 educational resources, including 12 short film introductions, 5 recorded Zoom discussions from our 2020-21 series Black Lives in Germany and 3 discussions with directors from our 2021 Summer Film Institute film series, Authority and Alterity in East German Movies. For an updated list, see the PDF below.


Always helpful is the wonderful film intro to DEFA, Outer Space and the Everyday: A Short History of DEFA, produced by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with the DEFA Foundation in 2018. Betina Kuntzsch's entertaining 17-minute documentary provides a colorful and fun look at the range of films made at the DEFA Studio for Feature Films, 1946-92.


You can also find discussions with scholars, directed by Jennifer Hosek (Queens Univ), on Too Young for Love (1973, dir. Bernhard Stephan), And Your Love Too (1962, dir. Frank Vogel) and The Light on the Gallows (1976, dir. Helmut Nitzschke).


And more films will follow. So, bookmark the FILMBOX link and check back often!



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