DEFA LIVE 2 with Alexander Donev

Join us for DEFA LIVE 2 with Alexander Donev, Bulgarian film scholar and publicist, on June 10th at 1 pm (ET)!


Alexander Donev (Research Fellow at the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Professor at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria) will go live with us to talk about THE FILMS AND LIFE OF SLATAN DUDOW: A NEW BIOGRAPHY IN THE MAKING. Our Academic Director Mariana Ivanova will interview him and translate live from Bulgarian into English. 


Alexander Donev is working on the first comprehensive biography of Bulgarian-born director Slatan Dudow (1903-1963), who lived and worked in Bulgaria, Weimar Germany, Soviet Union, France and in the GDR, and who made 11 films, most of them produced by the East German DEFA Studios. Donev is also one of the contributors to the DEFA Foundation’s anthology on the director’s oeuvre, expected to be published by the end of the year. For 2023, Donev plans an extensive exhibit in tandem with a film retrospective commemorating Slatan Dudow’s 120th birthday. 


Check out our latest Instagram Close-Up series, in which Alexander Donev discusses the making of KUHLE WAMPE and Dudow’s collaboration with Bertolt Brecht.

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