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Seed Corn Should Not Be Ground

Midnight Revue

THEATER WORK: The Berliner Ensemble at 25

At 47, German sculptor and graphic artist Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) lost her beloved son Peter in WWI. She began to process her grief in drawings and sculptures, including the famous memorialThe Grieving Parents, and became increasingly active in protesting social injustice. She ... Famous producer Otto Kruse brags that he will produce a successful, new kind of revue film. When the project is close to failing, he orders his stage manager to “do what it takes.” Soon his young female assistant finds herself holding a dramaturg, composer and set designer hostage in a villa—with... From May to October 1974, Peter Voigt filmed at the Berliner Ensemble (BE) during the 25th anniversary of the theater’s founding. Voigt, a member of the BE himself in the 1950s, interviewed theater technicians who had been part of the world-famous ensemble for decades. Sharing experiences, memories...

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Love's Confusion

Sonya, an art student, loves the med student Dieter. And Siegi, a factory worker, loves Eddie, a bricklayer. At a lavish Carnival party at the East Berlin art school, an unintentional exchange of partners starts! When everyone takes off their masks, Dieter realizes that he had not spent the...

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