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Fritz Cremer, Creator of the Buchenwald Memorial

Dusk: 1950s East Berlin Bohemia

Seed Corn Should Not Be Ground

This portrait of East German sculptor and graphic artist Fritz Cremer (1906-1993) shows the artist at work in his studio and some of his art works, including sculptures for his Buchenwald Memorial. It accompanies the images with a text by Bertolt Brecht, read by actor Wolfgang Heinz of the... Berlin in the 1950s: divided, but not yet walled. Young artists, at the start of their careers and seeking a new lifestyle, frequented the East Berlin cafés and bars that were meeting places for intellectuals, as well as Cold War secret service agents and black marketeers.   Former East... At 47, German sculptor and graphic artist Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) lost her beloved son Peter in WWI. She began to process her grief in drawings and sculptures, including the famous memorial The Grieving Parents, and became increasingly active in protesting social injustice. She ...

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The Master Game

Dürer's Heirs

Time of the Gods

At the Vienna Art Academy in 1994, one or more perpetrators spread black paint over 27 works by Austrian painter Arnulf Rainer. Rainer had become world-famous for his abstract art and, in particular, for his over-painting of photographs and his own and other artists’ paintings. Now, who has painted... After the Wall came down in 1989, what happened to major Leipzig School painters Werner Tübke and Bernhard Heisig… who had been called “Dürer’s red heirs” by West German journalists in the 1970s? This documentary paints an insightful, often critical picture of early East German art history.... While working on his Hercules Concept, director Lutz Dammbeck became fascinated by the life and work of the German sculptor Arno Breker (1900-91). How could a highly talented sculptor—who had met French avant-garde artists in Paris in the 1920s and whose work was first considered “degenerate art”...

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