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The Murderers Are Among Us

Were the Earth Not Round

The Russians Are Coming

In 1945, the artist Susanne Wallner (Hildegard Knef) returns to Berlin after spending three years in a concentration camp. Yet amid the ruins, she is filled with a renewed energy for life. When she arrives at her old apartment, she finds that Dr. Hans Mertens (Ernst Wilhelm Borchert) has taken up... Christiane arrives at a Moscow hospital to see her little daughter. While she waits for the child to recuperate, she reflects on her life. Remembering her childhood in East Germany, she thinks about her grandfather and his obsession with building a perpetual motion machine. She also revisits her...   Heiner Carow’s semi-autobiographical film was not approved for final production. Officials argued it focused on an ordinary Nazi follower, rather than an antifascist hero, and that it was “contaminated with modernism.” The film, which includes clips from the Nazi propaganda film Kolberg...

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Held for Questioning (July '17)

The Naked Man on the Sports Field (Aug '17)

The Fiancée (Sept '17)

In fall 1945, few months after WWII, 19-year-old Mark Niebuhr (Sylvester Groth, Germany 83, Inglourious Basterds, The Reader) a German POW, arrives with other prisoners at a Warsaw train station. A Polish woman wrongly accuses him to be the Nazi officer who killed her daughter. Mark is thrown into... Sculptor Kemmel is almost forty. He is torn between his aspiration to keep his generation’s memories alive, and the incomprehension with which many viewers approach his art. Although nothing throws the good-natured Kemmel off track, he wonders how one can capture the tragedy of the Holocaust, when... Germany, 1934: Hella Lindau (Jutta Wachowiak) and her fiancé Hermann Reimers (Regimantas Adomaitis) are members of an anti-Nazi resistance group. When it is betrayed, Hella takes all the blame and is sentenced to ten years in prison for high treason. Hermann is not allowed to marry Hella, but his...

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