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Dusk: 1950s East Berlin Bohemia

Midnight Revue

The Airship

Berlin in the 1950s: divided, but not yet walled. Young artists, at the start of their careers and seeking a new lifestyle, frequented the East Berlin cafés and bars that were meeting places for intellectuals, as well as Cold War secret service agents and black marketeers.   Former East... Famous producer Otto Kruse brags that he will produce a successful, new kind of revue film. When the project is close to failing, he orders his stage manager to “do what it takes.” Soon his young female assistant finds herself holding a dramaturg, composer and set designer hostage in a villa—with... Franz Xaver Stannebein, a young boy at the turn of the 20th century, wants to do nothing more than fly. He carries this obsessive dream into his adulthood as a merchant in Spain. One day, he meets German industrialists who want to fund his idea—but they ask him to first build an airfield...

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The Master Game

The Cave of Hercules

The Painter Came From a Foreign Land...

At the Vienna Art Academy in 1994, one or more perpetrators spread black paint over 27 works by Austrian painter Arnulf Rainer. Rainer had become world-famous for his abstract art and, in particular, for his over-painting of photographs and his own and other artists’ paintings. Now, who has painted... Although Dammbeck’s original film project Herakles (Hercules) was rejected by the East German DEFA Studios in 1983-84, the artist was still fascinated by the Hercules story. He started experimenting with different media combinations, including overpainting, photography, film clips, collage,... In 1986, after suffering many obstacles and interference in his work, Dammbeck moved from the GDR to Hamburg, West Germany. Two years later, he explores his decision and tries to sort out his past and present identity as an artist. In the process, he interviews other artists who emigrated from East...

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