Original title: (REALFilm)
Germany, 1986, 48 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles

This multimedia collage, which includes performances by pantomime artist and dancer Fine Kwiatkowski, painter and filmmaker Lutz Dammbeck and musician Robert Linke, is a reflection on the medium of film and its elements: sound, light and movement. Dammbeck’s goal is to cleanse these elements of ideology and commerce and compose a new film out of them. The process is played out in the space in real time. Recorded at the Haus der Volkskunst in Leipzig on May 14, 1986, this media collage was hailed as an extraordinary sensual experience in the GDR art scene. 


Part of a media-collage event series that Dammbeck organized in East Germany 8 times from 1984 to 1986. Each media collage was unique and presented under a different title (e.g., La Sarraz, Herakles, REALFilm). This filmed documentation is part of Dammbeck’s long-term art project, the Herakles-Konzept (Hercules Concept).




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