The Russians Are Coming

Original title: (Die Russen kommen)
GDR, 1968/1987, 90 min, B&W
In German; English subtitles


Heiner Carow’s semi-autobiographical film was not approved for final production. Officials argued it focused on an ordinary Nazi follower, rather than an antifascist hero, and that it was “contaminated with modernism.” The film, which includes clips from the Nazi propaganda film Kolberg (1945), was finally reconstructed and released in 1987. This DVD presents a new digitally-restored 2K-transfer of the film.


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Bonus Film: Career (Karriere, GDR, 1970, dir. Heiner Carow, 84 min, b/w).

After officials banned The Russians Are Coming, Heiner Carow decided to use footage from the banned film as flashbacks in a new film. Set in contemporary West Germany at the end of the 1960s, Career is an interesting story in its own right. A few years after its release, however, the director vehemently distanced himself from its conformity to the party line.




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The Russians Are Coming

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