The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin

Original title: (Las aventuras de Juan Quin Quin)
Cuba, 1967, 104 min, b&w
In Spanish; English subtitles

Farmer Juan Quin Quin survives in pre-revolutionary Cuba by his wits – as an altar boy, circus performer, bullfighter, coffee planter and revolutionary. The poor but shrewd farmer even plays the part of Jesus Christ with a traveling theater company.


As the revolution begins, Juan and his friend Jachero join the supporters of Fidel Castro and subsequently become ensnared by Batista’s troops. Jachero is killed on a secret mission and Juan looks back on their adventures together in the revolutionary cause.


The influential concepts outlined by Espinosa in his manifesto, “For an Imperfect Cinema” (1969), found their first "paradigmatic" expression in The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin. This anarchic comedy consciously pays homage to classic film genres and styles.


(This film is ONLY available for sale on DVD and for research rentals. It may not be rented for a non-commercial public performance screening.) 


Special features:
  • Introduction to the ICAIC
  • Photo Gallery
  • Director Biography & Filmography
  • Por primera vez, dir. Espinosa, 10 min.

The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin

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