Original title: (Cecilia)
Cuba/Spain, 1981, 127 min, color
In Spanish; English subtitles

In 1830s Cuba, a rich slave owner’s son falls for Cecilia (Daisy Granados), a proud and beautiful mulatto girl. While revolution simmers and then boils on the island, his parents force him to marry a woman of his own class.


Cecilia, a loose adaptation of Cuba’s best-known historic novel written by Cirilo Villaverde, is an intimate and stark portrayal of colonial Cuba. The film’s interpretation and modification of the novel caused a scandal, making this the most controversial release in Cuban film history. Nominated for the Golden Palm at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Cecilia was the only Cuban film shown in Cannes until 2002.


(This film is ONLY available for sale on DVD and for research rentals. It may not be rented for a non-commercial public performance screening.)

Special features:
  • Cualquier mujer: Interviews with Cuban Actresses
  • Photo Gallery
  • Director Biography & Filmography


Screening Rights: 

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