Counter Images: GDR Underground Films 1983-1989

Original title: (Gegenbilder)
Germany, n/a, 90 min, color
In German; English subtitles

A selection of ten Super-8 films made between 1983 and 1989 by young East German artists, musicians, performers and writers, who produced their films outside official channels. Many of the directors in this collection – such as Helge Leiberg, Via Lewandowsky, and Cornelia Schleime – have now become leading figures in the international art world.


This collection includes the following titles:

  • action situation (Leiberg, 1983)
  • 7x7 Facts about the Present Life of the Poet Tohm die Roes (di Roes, 1983)
  • Samuel (Klauß, 1984)
  • Little Angel (Frydetzki, 1985)
  • Necrology (Löser, 1985)
  • September, September (Hahnemann, 1986)
  • Draped in White (Schleime, 1987)
  • Report - A Comment on a Comment (Lewandowsky, 1987)
  • Hello, Berlin (Werner, 1987)
  • Konrad! The Mother Said (Köppel-Welsh, 1989)
Special features:
  • The Subversive Camera, dir. Cornelia Klauß, Germany, 1997, 42 min.
  • Artist Biographies
  • About the ex.oriente.lux. archive

Counter Images: GDR Underground Films 1983-1989

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