Destinies of Women

Original title: (Frauenschicksale)
GDR, 1952, 105 min, color
In German; English subtitles

Berlin 1952, seven years after WWII. Four women are looking for a good man and happiness in the divided city. Their destinies are loosely connected through one person: the West Berlin dandy and womanizer, Conny.


Released at the peak of East German cultural and political dogmatism, this film was heavily critiqued, especially by female party leaders who objected that its portrayal of the four women did not represent qualities that characterized women in the new society. Now considered a richly contradictory work, Destinies of Women represents an encore production by the Dudow/Eisler/Brecht creative team that made Kuhle Wampe in 1932.

Destinies of Women

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