Jadup and Boel

Original title: (Jadup und Boel)
GDR, 1981/1988, 100 min, color
In German; English subtitles

In a small town, everyone has tried to forget what happened shortly after WWII. That is, until a stranger finds a book that Jadup gave to the young refugee, Boel, over 30 years ago. Painful memories of the period after the war and of Boel and her sudden disappearance begin to surface. Jadup, now the town's respected and popular mayor, remembers how he doubted and failed his friend Boel when rumors of a rape arose and some had blamed a Russian soldier. He hadn't even noticed that Boel had been in love with him. Jadup's confrontation with the past gives him a new, critical view of his current situation and surroundings.

Special features:
  • Biographies & Filmographies
  • The Case of Jadup and Boel (Larson Powell, 2008)
  • Rainer Simon on Jadup and Boel (2000)

Jadup and Boel

Screening Rights: 
Educational Streaming

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