Silent Country

Original title: (Stilles Land)
Germany, 1992, 98 min, color
In German; English subtitles

A young, naive and enthusiastic director comes to a provincial town in East Germany to put on Beckett’s Waiting for Godot at the local theater. Although the lethargic company shows no interest in the play, he remains undaunted. Meanwhile it is fall 1989 and far away in the capital a revolution is taking place.


This gentle comedy is the debut film of renowned German director Andreas Dresen. Silent Country took the 1993 International Film Festival in Berlin by storm and received both the Hesse Film Award and the German Critics’ Award.




Special features:
  • Interview with the Director (46 min.)
  • Making of the Film
  • Filmography
  • Original trailers
  • Press reviews
  • Consequences, Peter 25 Years Old (1987, dir. Andreas Dresen, 7 min.)
  • What Every Man Must Do (1988, dir. Andreas Dresen, 18 min.)
  • The Rats Sleep at Night (1988, dir. Andreas Dresen, 10 min.)
  • Far from Klein Wanzleben (1989, dir. Andreas Dresen, 41 min., doc)
  • Train in the Distance (1989, dir. Andreas Dresen, 19 min., doc) 
  • Shortcut to Istanbul (1990, dir. Andreas Dresen, 42 min.)

Silent Country

Screening Rights: 
Educational Streaming

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