Trace of Stones

Original title: (Spur der Steine)
GDR, 1966/1990, 133 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles

Foreman Balla is the self-proclaimed king of a massive construction site. His co-workers stick close to him, like musketeers, as long as he makes sure they are paid. But things stop running smoothly when materials get scarce and two newcomers arrive on the site: Kati, a young engineer, and Werner Horrath, the new Party Secretary. Balla’s swaggering, reminiscent of Hollywood gunslingers, melts away as he realizes he is in love with Kati.


Kati is able to see Balla' true nature and he falls in love with her. But Horrath loves the young engineer as well, despite being devoted to his wife and children in Rostock. A love triangle ensues. Things get complicated when Horrath cannot make up his mind and gets entangled in lies, pretending his motives have to do with his work.

Special features:
  • Biography & Filmography
  • Film Interview with Actress Krystyan Stypulkowska, by Peter Rollberg
  • Introductory Essay, by Peter Rollberg, George Washington University
  • "Censored! Trace of Stones" - Historical timeline

Trace of Stones

Screening Rights: 
Educational Streaming

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