The Dove on the Roof

Original title: (Die Taube auf dem Dach)
GDR, 1973, 82 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles

The engineer Linda falls in love with not with one, but two of the men on her construction team, in a film that raises questions about the importance of work, love and happiness in socialist East Germany of the 1970s. Critics praise this film as an example of Nouvelle Vague from the GDR.


When Iris Gusner, one of very few East German female directors, previewed the rough-cut of her debut film, she was accused of presenting an "unrealistic picture of life" and officials banned the film.


The film then disappeared, only to finally became available—after a dramatic series of twists and turns and extensive restoration in b/w—in 2010.

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The Dove on the Roof

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