Professor Mamlock

Original title: (Professor Mamlock)
GDR, 1961, 93 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles

A Jewish chief surgeon in Berlin, Professor Mamlock believes in reason, humanism and his country. As 1933 begins, he remains blind to the increasing anti-Semitism around him. He is troubled by those with opposing political views and throws his communist-leaning son out of the house. And he cannot believe that his daughter is driven from her school because she is Jewish. As the Nazis consolidate their power and new racial laws bar Mamlock from working at his hospital, his devastation leaves him no alternative.

Special features:
  • New digitally restored version
  • Turn Subtitles On/Off
  • “The Careers of Professor Mamlock,” by Stefan Soldovieri (Univ. of Toronto)
  • “Friedrich Wolf: Beyond the Jewish/Communist Divide,” by Wolf biographer Henning Müller
  • Friedrich Wolf: Biographical Information and Images
  • Gallery: Making the Film, photos by Walter Ruge
  • Original Movie Poster

Professor Mamlock

Screening Rights: 
Educational Streaming

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