Love's Confusion

Original title: (Verwirrung der Liebe)
GDR, 1959, 76 min, color
In German; no subtitles

Sonya, an art student, loves the med student Dieter. And Siegi, a factory worker, loves Eddie, a bricklayer. At a lavish Carnival party at the East Berlin art school, an unintentional exchange of partners starts! When everyone takes off their masks, Dieter realizes that he had not spent the evening with Sonya, but with Siegi!


Although director Slatan Dudow was a celebrated proletarian director and collaborator of Bertolt Brecht, East German officials had problems with his film. They saw the film as a threat to their idea of bringing together the intelligentsia and workers and also objected to the film’s sensuality, which they perceived as a challenge to socialist morality. Campaigns organized against the film, however, could not prevent the light and fanciful romantic comedy from becoming a box office hit. The audience was intrigued by the upbeat musical score, the young fresh faces on screen and the story line, which was both sensuous and free of ideology.


This film will be available for purchase soon!

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