Till Eulenspiegel

Original title: (Till Eulenspiegel)
GDR, 1974, 104 min, color
In German; English subtitles

On the eve of the Peasants’ Revolt, Till Eulenspiegel—the legendary fool and provocateur of old folktales—goes tearing through the countryside laying bare society’s grievances. The powers that be try to silence Till and keep him from opening people’s eyes, but he doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth. He acts with wit and cunning towards the Kaiser, clerics and patricians; time and time again, he avoids getting in trouble with a roguish laugh. 


The original script about Till Eulenspiegel was written by Christa and Gerhard Wolf and planned as a two-part feature film. It was rejected by officials, however, for financial and political reasons. The young director Rainer Simon was asked to adapt the script, but the production process that followed was nevertheless dogged by censorship. Although officials tried to keep a low profile for the film when it was finally released, audiences welcomed its irreverence with overwhelming enthusiasm.

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Till Eulenspiegel

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