Original title: (Wozzeck)
Germany, 1947, 101 min, b&w
In German; English subtitles

While an anatomy seminar prepares to examine the cadaver of Franz Wozzeck in the name of scientific progress, medical student Büchner excoriates humanity for having allowed Wozzeck’s fate. The tragic story unfolds in flashbacks, as Büchner narrates.


Wozzeck, a poor and simple soldier, endures humiliation and brutality at the hands of his military superiors. Willing to give all to support his beloved Marie and their son, Wozzeck even agrees to undergo dangerous medical experiments. But when a handsome major seduces Marie, Wozzeck is able to contain himself no longer.

Special features:
  • New digitally restored version
  • New English subtitles
  • Turn subtitles on/off
  • Biographies and Filmographies
  • "Postwar Traumas in Klaren's Wozzeck" by film scholar Jan-Christopher Horak
  • "Traces of a Forgotten Man: Biographical Fragments on Director Georg. C. Klaren" by film historian Ralf Schenk
  • "In the Land of Darkness, Pain, and Suffering: János Szász' Woyzeck" by Jason Doerre, UMass Amherst


Screening Rights: 
Educational Streaming

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